3 Language policy: Why this Kolaveri di?

Enclosed clarifications regarding #NEP2019 issued by the Ministry today @HRDMinistry @DrRPNishank @ugc_india @PMOIndia pic.twitter.com/e2LKL9bv3P

— R. Subrahmanyam (@subrahyd) June 1, 2019

A lot of hew and cry has been created over the draft National Education Policy 2019, by a few politicians down south,especially in Tamil Nadu, and they have found lot of takers not only in Tamil Nadu, but also, in Karnataka.

Many organizations in both of the states have taken to the streets to express their dissatisfaction over -what they call “Imposition of Hindi”. So, Is it really true that the Modi government is trying to impose Hindi over the southern states ? Let’s look at the facts first.

First of all it’s a “draft policy” - for those who are protesting over it. Public will have lot of time to submit their suggestions/recommendations over a period of time. So, people are jumping the guns in expressing their opinion.

Furthermore, Kasthuri Rangan, who headed the committee(himself a Tamilian) has made it amply clear, that the draft policy in no way makes Hindi language compulsory. It’s the play of words that a few people are taking advantage of. And, even that has been corrected in the draft by the HRD ministry.

Secondly, it’s not something that has been brought forward by the Modi government. It has been in existence since 1958. So, all those politicians down south who are pointing fingers and speaking at the top of their heads must stop misleading the people in believing something that is completely untrue.

So, do we have to be apologetic about our language and culture? No. Definitely no. One has to be proud of his/her language and culture. But, that does not mean that one has to be against all the other languages- let alone Hindi.

Given the multitude of languages that is spoken in India, a common language like Hindi can be a unifying force.

Gone are the days when people hardly stepped out of their states. People are travelling across the country and calling whatever city they like as their home.

In fact, a majority of the families now, are inter state, and speak different languages. Given the scenario, would it not help to have a unifying language apart from English ?

People have no problem with their kids taking German or French as an optional language, but the very same people are up in arms against Hindi.

I am in no way suggesting that Hindi needs to be made compulsory. But, all i am asking is why this bias towards Hindi ?

Why this Kolaveri di ?

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Don’t know why people of South India seem to think that someday government is going to replace their regional language with Hindi.

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While Indians accept English as the language of business which is a totally non-native language , it is sad and nothing but sheer hypocrisy that some of them do not want to learn and accept one of our own native languages as Hindi. While it is very important to be proud of and conserve our regional language, it does not hurt to learn Hindi and accept it as it is one of the widely spoken languages of our motherland.

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Where I come from, people are open to any language,they respect and speak their regional language but are never fanatics. So I have never seen anything like this before.