Any suggestions for good pre-schools in Athlone?

I have heard good reviews about Groveland’s childcare and Busy Kids. Any other suggestions or reviews ? How much does it cost for childcare ? Is finding a childminder a cheaper option ?

After lot of insightful discussions with my friends, I found two preschools which are truly amazing, those would be NaFea and Clonbrusk preschool.what a parent should look for in a preschool? That will be an explicit question which comes to every parent’s mind.

Over obsessed minds think of more questions like

  1. Where is the school situated? Do they have greenery? Does that building is being exposed to a junction or a main road or pollution?
  2. How’s the infrastructure? Any damp classes in the building?
  3. How’s the room heating system?
  4. How many kids are in a room and is it clean?
  5. How are the washrooms?
  6. Where are the cameras in the building?
  7. Are people who handle kids are attentive,caring, loving and motivating and meanwhile are they strict enough to discipline kids and hygienic?
  8. Do they have good green play area?

Clonbrusk preschool kind of ticked off all those points, people who work there are from heart, beautiful inside out,they even assured me in every which way possible about how my baby would be taken care of!!?. My baby and me love it there.

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