Frequently Asked Questions

What is ? is an online community for people with shared interests - which could be that they come from the same country,city,neighbourhood. It is a place to reach out to members of your community for any suggestions,reviews or answers on just about anything.

How do i start the conversation ?

You can ask a question or start a discussion by clicking on the “New Topic” and choose the relevant category to ensure that you get most of the replies. If you are not sure of the category, leave it as uncategorized. Our staff will move it under appropriate category or even create a new one.

You can join the existing conversations by clicking on ‘Reply’ under every post. You can like or even share interesting conversations with your friends on social media.

How do i mention someone in my posts/replies ?

You can just type @ and start typing the usernames, as you would on facebook or any other social media platforms.

How do i create a new open/closed group ?

This option is currently disabled as we are in the early stages. But, you can always email us on why you think there is a need for such a group, and bring along at least 8 of your acquaintances to the group.

How do i login ?

You can login to either by clicking on signup and provide minimal details about yourself like name, email and password or you can login via your gmail/facebook accounts.

How do i use the tags in my post ?

When you create a new Topic, you can choose the tags to add via the tags dropdown.

How can i buy/sell items on

Every Town/City or neighborhood has its own ‘Buy/Sell’ sub-category. Just find the relevant ones and post your ad. It is absolutely free for now. You can even add photos/videos in the content, but make sure it’s simple, not too long or verbose (People simply don’t have the patience to read through many paragraphs). Please note that any ads older than a month are automatically deleted.

I am a freelancer.How do i advertise my services to the local community?

If you are a freelancer such as insurance broker,tutor,childminder,physiotherapist,make-up artist,beautician,etc and want to spread the word about your services among the local community, we suggest that you actively participate in the conversations that are relevant to your area of expertise and generally help people out. Please ensure that you do not spam the discussions with self promotions. You can also place your ads for free in relevant places for the community to see. There is no fixed format/packages for publicizing your services. We fully support any innovative ideas to get the word out. Get in touch with us here.

I am a small business.How do i spread the word about seasonal offers/sales?

If you are a small business such as take-away/restaurant, barber, baker,beauty parlour,grocery store,pub,preschool,etc and want to spread the word among the local community, get in touch with us, so that we can help you in every possible way. All of this is for free, because we know what it means to run a small business.

What is the preferred content type on

Consider to be your “Extended Watsapp group” for your community(Community being people from your country,city,town or even your neighborhood). You can post any content that is relevant to the community, and is of long term value to them such as - Who is the best pediatrician, carpenter,builder,etc in the community? You could share local news, articles and events to help spread the word among the community. You could also start conversations that can bring people together for a common cause. If someone is new to the country,city,neighborhood, and if you have insights about the area, then why not share it with them here.It will not only help that one person, but also someone who has done a Google search for the same question.

We would not encourage sharing content such as pleasantries such as good morning, Good Evening, memes, forwards that are of no value apart from momentary entertainment.

How do i get in touch with

You can check here…

How do i invite people to

You can click on your “Profile → Invites → Send Email invite and invite a friend or acquaintance.