How is the cost of living in Ireland?

I have broken down the basic expenses into 2 categories - Yearly and monthly.

Yearly expenses:

Car Insurance: is the biggest expense in the year, especially if you are new to the country or hold a learner’s permit. You will have to spend a minimum of 1600 EUR towards the premium. Older the car the higher the premium you pay, and there are several other factors that contribute to the premium like - your age, no claims bonus,driving license(full or learners),etc

Motor Tax: It varies from car to car depending the carbon emissions.It can range anywhere between 140 to 800 EUR.

TV License fee: You have to compulsorily pay this fee, if you own a television set, irrespective of whether you use it or not. It comes to around 160 EUR and can be paid in full or 2 equal installments.

NCT: This is applicable only if your car is older than 10 years. Although, the cost of NCT is nominal, it costs a lot to make your car NCT worthy.

Medical Insurance: If you are employed, in most of the cases your insurance premiums are borne by your employer. But, you will still need to pay for your family to be covered. Roughly it costs about 1600 EUR for your partner and a child.

Home Insurance: This applies only, if you own a home. This can start from 300-400 EUR.

Property tax: This again applies only if you own a home. This varies widely based on the market value of the property. On an average it can start from 300-400 EUR.

Monthly expenses:

Rent : House rents are crazy in Ireland with most of the people paying upto 50% of their monthly income. This is exacerbated in big cities and towns, where there is a huge demand, but meagre supply, in terms of rental units. Average rent for a 2 bed can start from 1100 and go upto 1800 EUR.

Transportation: You will not spend much , if you can walk/cycle to work. You will hardly spend 50-60 EUR for the fuel , if you stay in a small town and drive to work on a daily basis. But, if you stay in a big city like Dublin and use the public transport, the monthly pass can cost anywhere between 300-400 EUR.

Grocery: This is not a big ticket item as such, but it can cost you around 250-300 EUR for a family of 3.

Electricity/Heating bills: For a family of 3 or 4 average monthly electricity bill comes to around 100 EUR. The heating in the winter months can add to your electricity bill, if your heating is electric. If it is oil heating- 500 litres of oil costs about 340 EUR, and can last upto 2 months during the winter. This is the worst case, considering the energy rating of your house is worst D1 or below.

You can add your own expenses to this list such as - shopping,eating out and weekend trips,etc.

Any other big ticket expenses that you would like to add ?