How was your Driving Test?

I have been talking to different people on - how to pass the driving test ? This is a gist of what i have heard so far:

  • Get to know the road signs well

  • Know the controls in your car such as - fan, demister,front and rear fog lights and not to forget the things under the bonnet like engine oil,coolant,etc

  • Be prepared to stop for the pedestrians-someone might just pop out of nowhere


  • Don’t look for the blind spot when there is merging traffic on the motorway

  • Don’t forget to observe all the mirrors

For the people, who have already passed the test- How was the overall experience ? How was the tester ? Any goof-ups ? Was it your first attempt ? Any Do’s/Don’ts ? How to pass in the first attempt ?

The initial driving tester was rude and very harsh on my performance, there was almost an Air of “you’re not passing” before i sat in the car.
Although my tester was professional in their demeanor, they were not friendly, which would put any inexperienced driver off.
On a broader topic, the effort needed to pass the driving test does not promote good driving, it’s just a hill to overcome and then it’s all down hill for most - i cant think of one experienced driver could pass the exam without going through preparation once again, which kinda defeats the purpose of a exam.

Driving test was tough , it took me several attempts to clear the test . I was very inexperienced driver , so it took several attempts to clear the test . I am glad I learnt lot of lesson by failing the test like using the mirrors , using indicator and using proper gear .

I finally passed my Driving test today. I was nervous as hell before the test, but it went on pretty smooth. Although i passed, the tester marked me (Grade 2) on 2 points:

  1. While driving in a housing estate with parked cars, there was a car coming from the opposite direction. So, i pulled up and beckoned him to pass. But, he stopped right there and kind of indicated me to come. The tester explained me, that i shouldn’t have beckoned him- by doing so, i would be taking the responsibility for the traffic conditions and any risks, whatsoever. And there was also a taxi right behind me- in a way , by pulling over, i was blocking him.

  2. Then, at the traffic junction, the signal turned amber by the time i reached the junction.So, i pressed kind of hard on the brake an stopped. Although, it was not so severe so as to cause the car from behind to hit me, the tester anyway marked me for that saying- you could have passed the junction.

What a big relief !!!