What is Localtoms?

Ask, Discuss, Suggest and connect with people in your own City/Neighborhood/Country.

It’s your “Extended Watsap group on the web”- only difference being it does not clog your phone with unnecessary messages, and information is always there to be searched on the web.

Connect with people who share your interests and passions, by creating open or closed groups, and discuss issues that are relevant to you.

Share Local news, events and spread the word in your local community.

Buy/Sell/Share Items with people in your community. It could be a TV,Fridge,Sofa,Electrical appliances, musical instruments or even accommodation.

All the Small Businesses/Freelancers go free on the site. No fixed format of advertising. Any offers,discounts,sales ? We will help you spread the word in the community in every possible way. Learn more…

PS: Please stick to the rules of the individual groups or categories. You can find some general ground rules here…

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