What's wrong with identifying with an ideology?


Questions are being raised on Tejasvi Surya about his line of ideology , as he comes across as a shrill Hindutva ideologue.There is nothing wrong in following an ideology we are born and brought up with all along. But, it is completely not right if that ideology disdains any religion or community. No religion preaches violence, disharmony or harassment.

Peace and harmony, discipline and humanity are vital to attain a balance in the society, and when it comes to following an ideology- it’s too personal,simply falling on the right or left of the ideological spectrum doesn’t make a person an ideologue, but adhering to something which demeans other religion, does.

If Ideologies meet the truth and reality, then there is no question of conflict, and that is possible only when a person attached to a particular system of thought, amends those thoughts, as and when required, for the welfare of society and for the every single person who exists in the society.

If one follows any religion with an open mind making concessions here and there for society, then that person can never go wrong. One has to be transparent and proud about who he/she is ,and must be clear about what he follows.There is no way he/she can go wrong and this will always lead to the path of development.

Following an ideology isn’t wrong… But making it public just to grab votes is something to think about… There can’t be any unity for such a huge diversity of people if one starts to follow an “ideology”…

Hey liberandu, all I am saying is be proud and transparent about who you are, respect others, embrace differences and accept them. People of Same family will be having difference of opinion but they don’t stop “being there” or respecting each other. That is what is “new Bharat” they are trying to build.